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The vital role water plays in its contribution to life is paramount by anyone's standards. Water is the most amazing of all substances on earth - its properties and structure is the foundation of all life. It is so little understood in its importance to life itself. Science describes water as a colorless, tasteless and odorless liquid, yet water in its natural state should be considered alive. Water needs to be viewed as a living thing and only then can we begin to understand what it really is and how it affects life.

Should you test distilled water or water run through a reverse osmosis unit, you will find the water devoid of life and stripped of all minerals and life giving energy. For this very reason, water processed in this fashion can not be recommended for use. There is a large difference between dead water and water which retains it's life giving energy. If you were feeling low on energy and were to jump into an unpolluted mountain stream you would feel refreshed and invigorated, because the mountain stream would give you some of its energy. Jumping into a pool of stagnant or dead water is not refreshing. So it is important to consider the condition of your water and where it has been and how alive it is. The health of the water you use, consume and bath in is going to eventually reflect your health.

If you are dehydrated it is difficult for your body to operate correctly. Water is the carrier of life force. The primary reason for old age is dehydration and the inability of your body to hold a charge. For a body to function properly, we must have enough water. If you run out of water, you run out of life. The average person today does not drink enough water. To those embarking on a serious detoxification program, you should be drinking at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day. For example: if you weigh 150 pounds.... You should be drinking at least 75 ounces of water per day. That is over 9 cups of water per day! Not sodas, coffee, tea or fruit juice, but you must drink properly processed; clean, pure filtered, electrically alive water. Hydration is essential so that you can start to rebuild your energy back to its optimum level.

For proper hydration, the level of water surface tension and the capability to absorb the water should also be considered. Lack of hydration happens because the surface tension of water, as a result of chlorination and other factors, which bond, the molecules of the water tightly together, is far greater than the surface tension of the body fluids that surround every cell. Even if the chlorine is filtered out, the surface tension of the water does not revert back to its natural state. The most neglected area related to human nutrition and health involves surface tension: the ability of a liquid to adhere to itself. Water from a cloud or stream or other natural source is more desirable because water from hoses or pipes creates molecular chaos and improper surface tension causing the water to "die" stripped of all nurturing and natural electrical elements. The electrical bonding of the molecules of electrically damaged water is unable to interface electrically with body fluids. Toxic water is electrically incompatible and, therefore, will not be able to properly clean and flush body tissues. Hence the difficulty to detoxify our bodies effectively. Electrically dead water must be re-energized, structured or clustered for it to be of benefit.

The Pure~Charge Energetic Spa with the proprietary QuanTech Water Cage is a simple and cost-effective process that automatically reduces the surface tension of water making it electrically available, structured and clustered. This is so it can actually be absorbed into our body fluids helping with natural cellular oxygenation and detoxification process. The surface tension of any liquid can be tested on a scientific instrument called a Tensiometer. The tensiometer measures in what is known as dynes per centimeter. Liquids with a high surface tension have molecular chaos and low absorption ability. Liquids with a low surface tension have molecular order and high absorption ability. Surface tension in the liquids of the human digestive system (stomach and intestines) range from 45 to 60 dynes When humans drink liquids with surface tensions below 60 dynes they are nurturing their bodies with liquids that assist digestion and absorption. The surface tension of any liquid treated by the QuanTech Water Cage is lowered to a true level of 44.8 dynes per centimeter in 3 seconds.

Water and its energy properties become the focus of the source of life itself. The role of water and the energy that flows within it are the key to understanding a move toward alternative medicine without the need for drugs and pharmaceuticals. Water and body hydration is vital to life and to the recharging of the body's Chi battery, as it is essential to the proper operation of the Pure~Charge system.

Spa Therapies

Water and the energy that flows within it is one answer for obtaining optimum health. The bioelectric properties or "Chi" of water can be the basis of good body health. Water and its therapeutic properties have been known for centuries. Since ancient times people have bathed in mineral springs and particularly hot springs because of the valuable health benefits for arthritis, rheumatism, skin disorders and many other ailments. Resorts and health spas around the world abound with claims of their springs' healing powers. The spas of greatest popularity throughout Europe and the U.S. have been those with thermal properties.

Bathing in warm mineral springs has an undisputed therapeutic effect. Water in modern times is used in Western Medicine as the medium for the application or reduction of heat. Wet heat is used to help relieve pain and improve circulation, and can promote relaxation. Wet cold decreases body temperature causing a reduction in blood vessels, and reducing blood flow, generally used to help prevent and reduce swelling in strains, bruises, and sprains. Regardless of hot, cold or mineral, the spa has remained a medical therapy and continues to be considered as a place of healing for a variety of purposes.

Mineral water as a drink has increased in popularity since the mid-seventies and large quantities of bottled mineral waters are exported from different sources all over the world. Drinking water for therapeutic benefit reached a high in the 19th century only to be surpassed in recent times. Drinking mineral or spring water washes out of the digestive system and some alkaline waters act as purging agents. We all recognize the need for our minimum intake of water daily.

The spa therapies are based on drinking and bathing in the waters that contain properties of medicinal value. Most mineral springs have noticeable amounts of salts, like sulfate of lime, carbonate, sodium chloride, sulfur and iron. For instance: the highly carbonated salt springs in Saratoga, New York, have long been used for rheumatic and neuralgic conditions. Many trace minerals are usually found in medicinal waters also. In addition to solids, gases in considerable quantities can also be found in these healing springs. These waters will generally have a very noticeable effervescence to them.

Science of Water

The energy of water can be measured and monitored utilizing a multi-meter capable of measuring in millivolts. In fact, water is so active that it can produce voltages up to 4 or 5 volts. If the water is healthy and alive the voltage reading will fluctuate and change with life giving energy. The water in an unpolluted mountain stream is very energetic and busy. However, if the water has been distilled or run through a reverse osmosis unit, or is unhealthy or polluted, the fluctuations will be minimal or non-existent...a confirmation of low water energy or lifelessness. According to intensive research conducted by Viktor Schauberger at the turn of the century, water retains memory and therefore contains a lot of energy gathered from the environment and energy from its surroundings.

Monitoring a glass of water for a couple of hours results in some surprising comparisons to the human body. When the voltage results of a glass of water are plotted on a graph it can look very much like a heartbeat. Water is definitely alive and like humans, the findings also show that over time, water has active periods and rest periods. Water, again similar to a body, also responds to stimulation. If the water is shaken up, its activity increases for a period of time before returning to normal. When water runs or moves the measurements are similar. If we get a glass of water from the tap where it has been running through pipes, it is much more active than a glass of water which, has sat on the table undisturbed. Tap water will also show different measurements and retain different memory than mountain stream water.


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