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Contrary to popular belief sludgy residue is not body detox - IT IS METAL ALLOY BY-PRODUCT RESIDUE CAUSED BY THE ARRAY IN THE WATER.

Convert from sludgy metal residue.....


TO  a Clean, Clear, Pure Charge

Color changes in the water is not the most important factor and one must be careful about making any judgments based only on the water color.

Under normal water conditions the PURE~CHARGE Spa does not directly cause any of the color change of the water - even when you use salt to aid conductivity.  However, the unit may cause water to change color slightly, with or without anyone in the bath or container, but not usually.

Color in the water is an indication of friction and resistance, or in the case of Q2, Bio-Cleanse Tech,  AquaChi or IonCleanse:  metal alloy by-products breaking down from the water array. To view the water test results conducted on a competitor's footbath unit click here.

Ideally, with the Pure-Charge Energetic Spa proprietary processes, your bathing water will be crystal clear, however some waters will change color and it is not always an indicator of whether energy is being produced or not. The proprietary Cage Module creates only Hydrogen & Oxygen as a by product - Hydrogen and Oxygen are clear elements and are not visible to the eye.  However, fizzing & effervescing around the Cage Module indicates the proprietary process which is only clean & clear. 

Another indicator that may be found in the water after a treatment; is an oily substance and/or small particulate, located at water level on the treatment container, called EMASS which generally contains materials released from the body.  Most residue or "detox" from the body is invisible to the eye and takes the form of carbon, amino acids, nucleic protein, etc... much the same as you would find testing urine or sweat. 

Another indicator can be found in the color change in the urine of the individual treated. Body function is increased, which therefore results in the darker coloring of the urine caused by the body processing waste materials. Additionally, the extra energy received by the individual activates waste product or toxin removal through the urine, bowels or sweat.

However, it is the health of the individual being treated which determines the level of detoxification. Remember that the water is also keeping some of the energy for itself, which means; that energy created by the water, is shared by both the individual and the water. If you are in reasonable good health you will get a good dose of energy from the water, but if your health is questionable, then you will only absorb the amount your body can handle. The water retains the rest of the energy for itself. Ongoing treatments are necessary for ultimate health.

Supporting our research and test results is a TV news exposé on claims made by a competitors footbath unit.  Click on the following link - You will be sent to KVBC.com Channel 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Healing waters or medical hoax?


However, you may notice slight changes in the color of the water and/or mineral deposits left in the water after use. You will NOT see brown sludgy residue or multiple colors.  The first thing you need to understand is what the Pure~Charge Unit is designed to do. The unit is specifically designed to act on water because your body is primarily made of water (up to 85%) and it is this action that makes the Spa Unit so effective when you use it. Because the PURE~CHARGE Spa uses the water to make it work, it has the same effect on the water in the bath or container you are using it in.  Water easily accepts frequency signatures.

The following points may effect water color changes

Action of the Unit
Health of the user
Water quality
The weather

Action of the Unit
The release from the unit itself is very minimal in relation to the individual and the water being used. A bio-friendly electrical field emanating from the Cage Water Module with QuanTech
® stimulates the water. This proprietary electrical stimulus causes the water to become excited and produce the energy that your body will absorb and use. QuanTech® is the proprietary macrocosm of rods comprising the Cage Water Module, which bubble with electrical stimulation producing only Hydrogen and Oxygen as a by-product. The process is non-toxic and will usually produce a clean, pure charge with no metal alloy by-product residue – in other words, there is no friction or resistance. The proprietary QuanTech® Water Cage is a simple and cost-effective process that automatically reduces the surface tension of water making it electrically available, structured and clustered. This is so it can actually be absorbed into our body fluids helping with natural cellular oxygenation and detoxification process.

Health of the User
The health of the user affects the amount of discoloration left in ideal water after use. Solid deposits may also vary depending on health. The color of the water may or may not change for some people. The color of the water does not indicate the nature of an ailment.

Water Quality
Most people have a lesser quality water, but don’t be concerned, because provided you operate the unit as per instructions, you will still get the benefits the bio-charge produces. The lesser the water quality the more aggressively the unit works. The most important thing to remember about water quality is that the PURE~CHARGE will have a detoxifying effect on what it is in contact with. Putting it simply, the unit will start to detoxify the water.

The water quality you are using can also affect what residues you will find in the water after use. The unit will release sediments that are suspended in the water; this includes chemicals that have been added to your water by a municipal treatment plant. As an example, ground water would contain a lot of sediment (large particles not bound by the water). When the unit is used in this type of water the sediment is generally released quickly and will be found in the bottom of your bath or water container. If you were using treated water from a treatment plant that was using alum for example you would see a whitish to gray powder form on the bottom of the water container. This is the alum that is still in the water being released by the bio-charge process. If the water also contains very high levels of chlorine the water could start to turn a yellow coloration. You will also be able to smell chlorine being released from the water at a greater rate than it would be naturally.

Just as each individual is different, so is the water you will be using to stimulate a charge. Most water contains some small amounts of solids in solution. There are small particles that you can't see which cling to the tiny water molecules. When the water becomes excited it ejects these tiny particles, and they may become visually observable in the water. This will tend to make the water look foggy. Of course, this is related to how much sediment is in the actual water before being stimulated.

The Weather
The weather can effect what happens in your bath water because the water itself is very sensitive to not just the weather but also the entire environment. The electrical activity including the conductivity can fluctuate during extreme weather conditions. Under normal circumstances this effect does not play as large a part as does your water quality. Activity of water recorded over a twelve-hour period is not static it is very active. Water is completely interactive with the environment and can be measured; therefore weather conditions such as high humidity or extreme cold can effect water coloration




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