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Toxemia of the Body

Our bodies are constantly under attack from environmental factors and from the artificial processed and heavily refined foods we eat. Toxins are becoming a big issue of importance as our environment becomes more polluted. Most of us understand that there are pollutants in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink and the level and types of toxins that now surround us are far too great to list. Some of them occur naturally in our environments and our bodies, but most deadly toxins are man-made.  According to T. Colin Campbell in The China Study, scientific nutritional laboratory  research showed milk casein to be the most carcinogenic substance that we consume, because of the way animal proteins react with body physiologically.  The animal protein creates Angiogenesis which leads to cancer, heart disease and diabetes, among most degenerative diseases.     It is this toxic reaction that cause the most concern, in addition to the excessive consumption of animal products (beef, chicken, pork, fowl, shellfish, seafood, milk, butter, dairy, eggs, cheese) and not to mention, the unsustainable toxic damage on our global environment caused by the animal product industry.

Filamentous growths on Red Blood Cells. Shows excess carbohydrates and pH imbalance. Normal Red Blood Cells Bacterial Fungal variants surrounded by red blood cells

The thought of so many heavy metals now showing up in the food is a concern for most everyone, however the real threat comes from all the artificial compounds and synthesized, isolated compounds that are being widely used in our foods, without almost any understanding of the danger they represent to the human body. Of all the substances we are constantly threatened by, it is the silent action of synthetic hormones that can cause serious damage to the auto-immune system of the individual without them being aware of what is happening.

We can start to combat these problems through nutritional awareness and a little help from physiology.   An understanding of how nutrients play a symphonic role when gleaning our daily requirements to maintain health.  
To understand how the body detoxifies itself we need to understand a little about how the body functions and in particular how our cells work.

The Basic Cell

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While there are many cells in our body that perform different functions and have different internal structures they all have some basic function similarities. All our cells need water to survive and work and they all have 3 basic components (excluding red blood cells that eject their nucleus). These components are the
Nucleus, the Internal Structure and the Plasma Membrane. Each of these components when combined performs specific functions. Even though they may perform different specific functions they all intake water, metabolize it and eject a waste product called nucleic acid. This waste product is then dealt with by the body's main cleaning systems; being the liver and the kidneys. This flow through system is very important and when something goes wrong; like the cell becoming clogged with toxins, problems begin to occur.

When the cell is functioning correctly it has a good flow of liquid (water) going through it. The liquid has two ways to enter and leave the cell structure. The outer membrane or plasma membrane is a selectively permeable barrier, meaning that it allows some substances to pass while excluding others.

When a substance can penetrate the plasma membrane without any energy input from the cell, it is called passive transport. When the cell must provide metabolic energy, the process is called active transport. The movement of water into the cell is an example of passive transport while movement of amino acids and most ions across the membrane is active transport.

The Plasma Membrane
The plasma membrane as well as being selectively permeable has another very important function. It maintains a potential voltage difference between the internal structure of the cell and the intercellular fluid. Scientists are just now starting to realize the importance of the voltage that exists on the membrane itself. Its electrical value plays a part in helping the membrane be selectively permeable. If this voltage drops too low it contributes to loss of cell integrity.
What is important here is that it has been scientifically proven that an unhealthy cell has a very poor membrane voltage.

There are a lot of things that can start to go wrong when we exert an outside influence on the cell, such as a toxin. Our bodies are more than capable of withstanding low levels of toxins but when these levels rise too high, a chain of events start to take place and the integrity of the cell is compromised. The integrity of the cell can be affected from both the outside or the inside and the toxins that cause the problem do not need to come from an external source, because the cell itself produces a waste product that could be considered as a toxin.

As we have already said the body has a natural defense mechanism for removing toxins from the system. In the average individual, these systems are functioning correctly but under load the system can break down and result in a toxin build up. For most people the threat of toxin build up is not only from having the cleaning system not operating correctly, but from the type of toxins we are now exposed too. Some toxins do not remain in the intercellular fluid and become attached to the cell membrane, and if the body is operating below 100% problems can occur.

 How Do They Enter The Body?

Over time these heavy metals, toxic chemicals and residues, plaques and other unnatural intruders continue to slowly accumulate. If the body’s natural detoxification pathways (such as the blood, lymph, and cerebral spinal fluid) cannot eliminate them faster that they enter the body, the buildup can eventually reach toxic (and dangerous) levels.

At birth, when first exposed to the outside world, the body – guided by a genetic disposition inherited from the parents– begins developing antibodies to defend against external poisons affecting the system. During life the body keeps building antibodies in reaction to most everything it encounters: cooked/processed foods (and their preservatives), chemicals/toxins in the air and ground, other environmental contaminants, drugs, inoculations, dental fillings, sexual partners, and other exposures.

The average person is "Spoiled Rotten" - rotting from the inside out, with a dysfunctional intestinal tract that is a breeding ground for disease.

The “inner terrain” referred to by Dr. Pasteur is our biological terrain comprising our body's digestive tract, lymph system, blood, urinary tract, intestines and intestinal fluids. Our bodies are alkaline by design and acid by function. Maintaining proper alkalinity is essential for life, health, and vitality. Simply put - an imbalance of alkalinity creates a condition favorable to the growth of bacteria, yeast and other unwanted organisms. All leading biochemists and medical physiologists have recognized pH—or the acid-alkaline balance—as the most important aspect of a balanced and healthy body. They have long known that the maintenance of an alkaline pH in our tissues and cells is critical to cellular health. We live and die at the cellular level.

The body is not without a barometer which quickly indicates its condition.  As long as oxidation is carried on to the extent necessary to maintain the tearing down and rebuilding processes of all parts of the cellular structure, the chemical constituency of blood and tissue is predominantly alkaline;  as soon as oxidation is lacking they become increasingly acid and the percentage of acid gauges very accurately the state of vitality of the individual.

As the body keeps building its protective wall of antibodies, the immune system – like a cup gradually filling with liquid – continues to fill over the years while the body continues to fight against external invaders, forced to build and keep up the wall of antibodies. Eventually, when the body has been fighting too hard and long, and the immune system’s “cup” reaches its saturation point and finally overfills, the onset of disease (cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, or some other chronic illness) often begins. No matter what the disease, its creation began with the person’s first breath on this planet and can often be attributed to the body’s constant bombardment from external toxins during life. Specific detox programs can gradually rid the body of its lifelong accumulation of toxins, allowing the immune system to function more effectively and further promoting wellness in the body.


Body Toxification In Detail

The numbers of problems that can occur from Toxification are many and the number of ways that the problems start, are also great. There are however, a few basic causes that we can address to understand how the body becomes toxic and how we can resolve the problem by helping the body cope using its natural processes.

Parasite surrounded by cells

TARGET CELLS ~ Indicates poor nutrition and assimilation. Looks like a bulls-eye.

ROULEAU ~ indicates poor nutrient utlization and dehydration. Stacked like coins





We are going to examine 3 basic ways the body becomes toxic in relation to the effect it has on the cell. It should be noted that although these processes are explained individually they can and do all occur simultaneously.

1. Toxification by natural waste product.
Toxification by natural waste product is where the body accumulates a build up of the natural waste product from the cell, nucleic waste. This can occur two ways.


A. Liver and Kidney function are low and are not extracting all of the waste out of the intercellular fluid (blood).

Symplast -   Plaques consist of hard waste products of nutrition that are accumulating in the circulatory system

B. Toxin build-up on the plasma membrane, restricting all of the waste product from leaving the interior of the cell.


The basic function of the cell is explained next.

It goes like this, water enters the cell via passive transport, and water then reacts with the Internal Cell Structure and the Nucleus. The product of the reaction between water, Internal Cell Structure and the Nucleus is Nucleic Waste. The cell is very efficient when functioning fully and reacts with all the water on a 1:1 basis meaning all of the water is used with an equal amount of nucleic waste being produced.

A. Low Liver and Kidney Function
When liver and kidney function is low the intercellular fluid becomes contaminated with waste product. What happens then is instead of just water entering the cell; the water becomes a combination of water and nucleic waste. This causes changes in the reaction inside the cell. Now there is a water, Internal cell structure and nucleus reaction, which is not how the cell is supposed to work. The cell is no longer operating efficiently and the metabolic energy being used is wasteful.

B. External Toxin Build Up
External toxin build up is when toxins begin to accumulate on the outside of the cell. One of the causes of this is when the membrane voltage is poor; the toxins can stick to the membrane. This deprives the cell of the natural flow of water into it and also restricts the exit of the nucleic waste. Once again cell function is compromised so the cell can no longer function correctly. The process is cyclic, the more the toxins build up the less efficient the cell becomes and therefore, the longer this goes on, the harder it is to reverse the process.


White Blood Cell with normal cells


There are two processes the body uses to solve this problem.

i. Receiving from external sources what is required to raise the membrane voltage.

ii. The white blood cells.


2. Toxification by low level artificial toxins
Toxification by low level artificial toxins is where a toxin has managed to penetrate the cell membrane and enter into the internal structure. Toxins can achieve this in times of low cell integrity. White blood cells play a part in this operation.

One of the things white blood cells do is clean the toxins off of the plasma membrane of the cells. White blood cells damage the membrane during the process of removal leaving it temporarily vulnerable. Once a toxin has entered into the internal structure of the cell it causes problems. To eject the toxin the cell requires metabolic energy to perform active transport; that is, the cell needs to use its own energy to eject the invader. If the cell does not have the spare energy to do this a build up can start.

The white blood cells clean the cells in the body. When a white blood cell removes a toxin from the outer surface of the cell it causes some damage. If the cell can not repair in time, it is vulnerable and toxins can enter into the cell.

Degenerated cells - High degree of free-radical activity due to disease, degeneration.

Crystal cells - Tissues are acid and degeneration is occurring

Clumped Red Blood Cells in the middle of normal cells

3. Toxification causing genetic alteration
Toxification causing genetic alteration is the most serious form of cellular contamination that you may be subjected to. We have already looked at toxins entering a cell and causing problems but what if that toxin was an artificial hormone or carcinogenic substance? The problem now becomes a major issue because if the potential of the toxin is that it can alter the coding of the cell it will do so. When this happens what you end up with is the nucleus and the internal structure incorporating the extra coding resulting in a new nucleus and a new internal structure. This is a serious problem and it happens without you even knowing. A lot of the time it takes years before the effect becomes visible to the individual. These types of toxins lead to cancer and genetic disorders. Toxification of this nature is difficult to correct but not impossible. Some of the effects of this type of toxin contamination are already becoming evident in the western world where the use of genetic substances and hormones have been in use without public knowledge for some time now. It has become scientific reality that the new genetic pattern is passed on to the siblings from the parents.


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