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The PURE~CHARGE ENERGETIC SPA is the latest in home based health systems developed by U.S. based International scientists and researchers. The technology is rooted in fundamental ideas, theories and research data generated by Nikola Tesla, Hans Nieper, Viktor Schauberger, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Royal Rife and Dr. Otto Von Warburg, among others. One of the challenges of creating a unit that is suitable for everyone and every thing, is that "every thing" is different. 'Every thing' has its own unique personal bio-signature, which means their frequency is a little different from the next. However, the advantage of creating a field with some of the properties compatible with life, is that it can be used on a water based organism with minimum disruption and completely negate side effects that are all too common with things artificial.

The PURE~CHARGE ENERGETIC SPA is placed into water and is capable of generating a bio-field similar to that of a water-based thing. Creating a field with these properties can not be done simply. You require "some thing" that already has some of the unique frequencies present in it. The only naturally occurring substance with this property is water. This is why the unit is used in water. Without divulging the PURE~CHARGE exclusive proprietary process, simply explained, the water actually assists and interacts with the proprietary electric current to produce the needed bio-charge. The proprietary non-toxic bio-charge, which results, is the product of the water, modulated electricity, single and compound metal types and a complex plasma field. The PURE~CHARGE ENERGETIC SPA with IntelliVOLT  instantly adjusts to the body mass's frequency. It works because water contains the natural base frequencies that are present in any body mass of any type and IntelliVOLT automatically regulates and monitors the frequency voltage.

The PURE~CHARGE ENERGETIC SPA unit reconfigures and amplifies the bio-electric signature of individual cells which, when operating efficiently and as a collective, allows the body to heal and regenerate at a rate that the human body is capable of. This action results in the initial purging of toxins and nucleic waste product kept and/or generated within the cells and surrounding membrane; followed by the re-correction of any abnormal deterioration within the body that has been caused by illness, injury, viral and/or any other life experience, not related to direct genetic birth defects.

This method is not achieved by the direct infusion of frequency based electrical impulses that are commonly used in some treatments that are currently available on the market (e.g.: Zappers). Instead PURE~CHARGE uses a proprietary process of 24 volt DC current to induce a frequency enhanced plasma field structure around the individual Cage rods within the module, which then combine to form a complex electro-magnetic wave energy field around the QuanTech Cage water module. This field then interacts with the motional bio-field of the water and amplifies the content of the charge within the water pattern. The enhanced field interacts with the external dermal layer at a matrix level and so each cell is individually affected by the new bio field structure. The enhanced bioelectric field is then translated to the outer cell layers by method of flooding or permeation. The bio-field then envelops the next layer of cells and continues layer after layer until the dilation of the field strength equals that of the cell integrity.

As the permeation occurs, the micro tubular conduits within the cell regenerate to accommodate for the larger volume of bioelectrical activity. This action strengthens the cell membranes making them more resilient. It increases the manufacture of nucleic and other cell based genetic acids which result in the effective strengthening and enhancement of each of the separate systems of the body. This now allows the body to generate the antitoxins, medicines and other genetic reparation material necessary for the natural healing and regeneration processes to occur within itself with no external assistance from artificial supplements.

Charging Process:
The PURE~CHARGE SPA unit works as charger for a body mass. The process it uses however is algorithmic. What this means is that it charges a body mass in stages or steps. A body mass starts off being able to absorb a large charge when it is first used and then as you apply more charging the absorption rate becomes less.

The charging process can be equated to the lunar cycle, which is 29.5 days, and is why it is recommended that the unit be used for at least 1 month (14 sessions) for the first time and then take a break for 21 days. Since all body masses are a little different the charge cycle is going to be different for each. The starting point for the charge cycle depends on a body mass's health status, that is a combination of age and health. The younger a person is, the better the health status is generally going to be. If a body mass's health status is low the PURE~CHARGE may improve it. To put it simply the older you get the less function your body is capable of. Your body does not function at 100% for the whole of your life; it declines as you age.

The first time the unit is used, a body mass can absorb a maximum charge that is in proportion to the state of health the body mass is in. During the time before the next use this charge is going to drop back down to a level below the possible maximum but higher than the original level. With the second bath the charge goes up again to the possible maximum and once again drops back down but to a level slightly higher than the last use. This pattern repeats itself for the remainder of the 14 uses in the first month. To get the most benefit out of each cycle a 21-day break between each cycle is recommended.



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