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The Greek derived word aether is defined in the Webster Universal Dictionary as a "hypothetical medium, supposed to fill space, by means of vibrations in which light and other forms of radiation are transmitted". Up until the latter part of the last century the ether theory was an established scientific fact. The Michelson-Morley experiment, carried out in 1881, concluded that there was no Earth motion relative to the ether (Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 8, p. 98). This experiment (which was a one off, 4h experiment) discredited the ether theory and caused its rejection in favor of the theory that space is a vacuum and air is merely a chemical composition of Oxygen and Nitrogen plus other minor constituents.

Today, scientists are realizing that there is some kind of fundamental non-electromagnetic energy after all, which pervades space and interacts with matter. Because of its non-conformity to the laws of thermodynamics it has been referred to as free energy, vacuum energy, scalar wave or quantum energy. In Eastern cultures this energy is known as life force, Prana or Chi, etc. In this article we are using Aristotle's term Ether or etheric energy to describe this subtle energy.

The established ether theory of most of the last century was that ether is a static medium. However, ether is dynamic vibratory energy. It is very much in motion. And this motion always follows a vortex path. All manner of different vortex sizes and shapes exist, but basically, etheric energy moves in a vortex. The American John Worrel Keely, the farther of sympathetic vibratory physics, stated this in the late 19th century. He invented machinery, which was driven by this subtle etheric energy (Pond, 1996). His theories and inventions were opposed by organizations with vested interests, to which he eventually succumbed. His understanding was beyond that of his contemporaries. He was far ahead of his time.

Despite the problems he encountered, he and others like Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and Wilhelm Reich have shown that etheric energy, although invisible to most, is very real. It is the substance that is enabling the perpetual motion of planets, stars and universes. It is the driving force. Planets are moved within the flow of ether, similar to logs being moved by the flowing water of a river. This explains why there is no relative motion between Earth and ether (Senf, 1997).

All matter, on a sub atomic scale, is energy. The nucleus of an atom, its material core, is infinitesimally small in comparison with the size of the atom. If the entire space within an atom were to be filled with particles the size of its nucleus, one million billion of such particles would be required to do so (Asimov, 1977). Everything is space, and space is everything. This space is aether: vibratory energy! 

Keely wrote in 1893:

"there is no dividing of matter and force into two distinct terms, as they both are one. Force is liberated matter. Matter is force in bondage" (Pond, 1996, p.90)

Etheric energy moves in a vortex fashion, because the vortex provides least resistance to the flowing motion. It follows that physical matter, which is materialized etheric energy, seeks the same low-resistance motion. As mentioned earlier, the natural media water and air have this intrinsic vortex motion. Our blood and the sap of plants, move in this way too. After all, our veins, arteries and minute blood vessels are not straight channels. They are winding their way through our bodies just like a river is winding its way through the countryside. A short newspaper item in the Daily Mail from 8 May 1998 stated: "Medical scientists working with aeronautical engineers at Imperial College London, found that blood ‘swirls’ as it rushes through an artery. Furthermore, nature has designed arteries with a helical ‘twist’ to encourage the swirl..."

Water needs the natural winding spiraling vortex motion to stay healthy. This is because this motion allows it to recharge and sustain its life force, which is apparent as the etheric energy field surrounding it. Thus, water is etheric energy in bondage, but it has to move in this particular way, lest it loses its life force and becomes stagnant and lifeless.

Independent tests carried out by the Biofield Laboratory in Vienna have shown that the physical properties pH and conductivity of water change in a subtle way with energization. In some tests the pH of acidic bi-distilled water was raised towards the ‘normal’ region of pure water. These changes appear to be a direct result of the clustering of the molecules with energization.

An aspect that requires further investigation is the transformation of dissolved minerals into highly charged colloidal particles.  This seems to suggest that, although chemicals are not actually eliminated, they might be transformed into a state in which they are less harmful to the human being. At any rate, drinking energized water strengthens the immune system and should make the body cope much better with the detrimental outside effects stemming from pollutants, chemicals and electromagnetic radiation.






A Tesla Möbius resistor is an electrical component made up of two conductive surfaces separated by a dielectric material, twisted 180° and connected to form a Möbius strip. As with the Möbius strip, once the Möbius resistor is connected up in this way it effectively has only one side and one continuous surface. It provides a resistor that has no residual self-inductance, meaning that it can resist the flow of electricity without causing magnetic interference at the same time.




Glossary of Popular Terms

ChemBuster ("CB"): Don Croft's updated version of Reich's original cloudbuster design which utilizes Orgone/Orgonite to safely transmute collected DOR into POR, and could be placed into continuous 24/7 operation to balance the energy between earth and sky. The CB is so-named due to its ability to disperse chemtrails.

Chemtrails: Persistent lines of chemical-infused aerosol spray dispersals from typically unmarked planes which are now seen in the sky all over the world. Unlike normal jet contrails formed from water vapor, chemtrails spread to form a thick blanket of cloud cover, held together by polymer fibers until they reach the ground, contaminating crops, water supplies and humans with radioactive soft metals and dessicated red blood cells which contain active human pathogens.

Cloudbuster: Wilhelm Reich's invention which could, with careful and methodical use, direct the orgone in the atmosphere to bring rain to and end drought in a region.

DOR: Wilhelm Reich's word for negatively-charged, harmful orgone energy. (e.g., Deadly ORgone)

Double-Terminated Quartz Crystals ("DT's", "Herks"): An uncommon variation of quartz crystals which are terminated (pointed) on either end rather than just one. "Herkimer diamonds" are the most common form of DT quartz, found only in the glacier-carved quarries in Herkimer, New York. Etheric energy is emitted by the point of a crystal, so DT's are used in Orgone/Orgonite when energy emission in two opposite directions is desired.

Etheric Energy: The subtle, universal energy of life that exists everywhere and in all things. It has many names (orgone, chi, qi, torsion fields, bio-energy, zero-point energy, etc.) from many traditions and areas of research which recognize the predictable behavior and rule systems for classifying, collecting and using etheric energy for various purposes such as healing and self-defense. Contrary to popular belief, the existence of etheric energy was not only not disproven, but has been proven repeatedly by a great many researchers throughout the last century.

Gifting: The act of throwing or burying a piece of Orgone/Orgonite near a source of DOR (such as a cellphone tower), or the act of giving a piece of Orgone/Orgonite to another person who may benefit from Orgone/Orgonite's positive effects.

OR/POR: Wilhelm Reich's word for positively-charged, life-beneficial orgone energy. (e.g, ORgone / Positive ORgone)

Orgone: Wilhelm Reich's word for etheric energy.

Orgone Accumulator/"ORAC": Wilhelm Reich's famous boxes constructed of alternating layers of fiberglass and steel wool which attracts and collects orgone energy of both the OR/POR and DOR varieties. "ORAC" is Reich's abbreviated term for his orgone accumulators.

Piezoelectricity:  the ability of crystals to generate a voltage in response to applied mechanical > stress. The word is derived from the Greek piezein, which means to squeeze or press. The piezoelectric effect is reversible in that piezoelectric crystals, when subjected to an externally applied voltage, can change shape by a small amount. The deformation, about 0.1% of the original dimension in PZT, is of the order of nanometers, but nevertheless finds useful applications such as the production and detection of sound, generation of high voltages, electronic frequency generation,  microbalance, and ultra fine focusing of optical assemblies.

TowerBuster (TB): The most common form of Orgone/Orgonite as well as the simplest to make, formed from the combination of metal shavings, catalyzed fiberglass resin, and a quartz crystal chip in a muffin tin mold. TB's are typically thrown or buried within 1/4 mile of cellphone towers to mitigate the harmful effects of non-ionizing microwave radiation (and by extension DOR) on the surrounding community.



Vinod Kumar, R. P. Pant, Anu Rana, and Vikram Kumar
X-ray Section, National Physical Laboratory, Dr. K.S. Krishnan Marg, New Delhi-12, India

Cobalt iron (CoFe2) nano-alloy have been synthesized and studied for microwave absorption in the Ku band (12.4-18 GHz) region. Prepared material was analyzed for crystalline phase, crystallite size, particle size, magnetization and conductivity measurement relevance to microwave absorption. The microwave absorption studies of material have been done using vector network analyzer. Electromagnetic parameters like dielectric constant, magnetic permeability and reflection, transmission and absorption losses by the sample were obtained for 1.75mm thick sheet. Results reveal the absorption loss of 65dB with reflectance loss less then 1dB and almost zero transmittance in the measured frequency range.

1. Introduction
The use of microwave absorption materials has attracted great interest due to rapid increases of electromagnetic interference (EMI) pollution by communication devices like mobile phones, local area network, radar systems etc. Electromagnetic waves cause interruption in the operation of electronically/magnetically-controlled devices. For the significant absorption of unwanted electromagnetic waves the materials is essentially required to have electric/magnetic dipoles with homogeneous distribution of particulate. For such materials, the specific shape and size distribution of particles is very important for the electromagnetic wave absorption. Particles with size less than the skin-depth (1µm for iron in the 1–20 GHz range) are the best to increase effective incidence to EM wave absorbers by suppressing the eddy current phenomenon [1-2]. Large surface to volume ratio of these conducting and magnetic materials makes them very important. Materials like carbon coated copper, α-Fe/SmO, ferrofluid-conducting polymer composite etc. has already been studied [3-5]. Recently, use of carbon-containing nanometre size magnetic materials for electromagnetic shielding and absorption have also been investigated [6–9].
Soft metallic magnets are potential materials for microwave absorption in high frequency region. In the present investigation, our main focus is to synthesize nano-magnetic CoFe2 metal alloy and to study physical properties relevance to EMI shielding in Ku band region.

2. Experimental
CoFe 2 nanoparticles were synthesized by chemical route followed by heat treatment in inert atmosphere.
Crystalline phase has been analyzed by using Bruker D-8 Advance powder X-ray diffractometer (XRD), 40KV and 40mA with Cu K radiation and scan rate of 0.02 o/sec. Coherently crystallite size (dxrd) was calculated from the width of diffraction peaks after correcting instrumental broadening. The material was analyzed by transmission electron microscope (TEM) model-JEM-200 CX for particle shape and size measurements. The magnetization measurements of the sample were done using DMS–880vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM). Conductivity measurements have been carried out using Keithley nano-voltmeter model 2182A and the current source 6221 by two probe method. Further the particles have been tested for microwave absorption by vector network analyzer (VNA) in Ku band region. The electromagnetic parameters were measured and their values are plotted in the frequency range 12.4 to 18 GHz.

3. Result and Discussion
X-ray diffraction pattern of sample as shown in Figure 1 reveals the formation of CoFe2 alloy. In order to find out the crystallite size, a slow scan with step size 0.005 o/sec. of selected diffraction peaks such as (110) & (200) has been recorded and calculated by Scherer’s formula [10]. The average crystallite size comes out to be 36nm.
Figure 1. XRD pattern of the CoFe2 nano-alloy.
In a nano phase material particle size, shape and their distribution always plays a crucial role in modeling its physical properties [11]. Figure 2 shows the electron micrograph of the sample. Micrograph shows the average particles size in the range of 20-100nm and majority of nano- alloy particles are spherical in shape. However, few individual particles seem to be made up of more then one small particles joined from the surfaces.
Figure 2. TEM image of the CoFe 2 nano-particles.
Figure 3 shows the magnetization measurements of the cobalt-iron nano alloy. From the curve it is concluded that the material is highly magnetic with saturation magnetization value of 110emu/gm, the corecivity and
the retentivity parts are nearly zero which shows a very close to superparamagnetic nature of the alloy.
Figure 3. Magnetization measurements of the CoFe2 nanoparticles.
In microwave absorption electrical conductivity as well as magnetic permeability plays crucial role in determining the skin depth for the material. Skin depth is the amount of thickness of the material, which reduces the intensity of microwaves to 1/e times when passed through it. The value of skin depth (δ) is defined as

where, f = frequency of microwaves, µ (magnetic permeability) = B/H is the relative increase or decrease in the resultant magnetic field inside a material compared with the magnetizing field in which the given material is located, σ = electrical conductivity of material.
Magnetically permeable and high conductivity nature of the cobalt-iron metal alloy makes it suitable for good microwave absorption. The experimental result for the VI characteristics of material is shown in Figure 4. The value of conductivity as calculated comes out to be equal to 2.5x10
Figure 4. I-V characteristics of the material.

Figure 5. (a) Reflection and absorption loss by the material; Real and imaginary parts of (b) dielectric constant and (c) Magnetic permeability in frequency range 12.4-18 GHz.
The reflection loss R of less than −1 dB was obtained in the frequency range 12.4-18 GHz. Strong microwave absorption properties by CoFe2
nanoparticles were observed as calculated. Figure 5 shows the reflection and absorption loss of incident microwave and the values of dielectric constant and magnetic permeability of the material. An absorption loss of 65 dB was reached in the entire frequency range with an absorber thickness of 1.75 mm. The high-frequency permeability of metallic magnetic materials decrease due to the eddy current phenomenon
induced by EM wave interference [4]. These materials exhibit improved microwave absorption properties because of their proper EM matching between the dielectric loss and the magnetic loss.

4. Conclusion
Developed cobalt-iron nano-alloy having excellent electrical and magnetic properties are in good agreement for EMI shielding material. Further, physical properties like crystalline size, particle shape/size, and magnetization of CoFe2 nano metal alloy are explored relevance to microwave absorption (12.4-18 GHz) measurements. The reflection loss and transmission loss measurements indicate strong absorption properties by the material. Therefore, the developed material may find good applications in EMI shielding demand of new generation devices such as computers, cell phones, radar and other electronics gadgets working in high frequencies.




Additional Orgonite Research Links

~ Deployment of multiple Orgonite transmuters and the apparent results documented in  Toronto, Ontario

~ Drought conditions are reversed, as documented in South Africa and in Death Valley, California.

~ In 1986, scientists at the University of Marburg, Germany published the results of a double-blind study, which showed a 30-minute orgone accumulator treatment.

Don and Carol Croft



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