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General Operation:


Text Box: 1.  Power On/Off Switch -Light indicates Power On
2.  RCA Line Out -Power out to Water Cage
3.  Grounded Power Cord-110volts or 220 volts.






Step 1: Place power supply unit on a stable, flat surface. Plug power cord into wall socket. Plug Cage Water Module RCA connection cord into Line Out (2).

Step 2: Prepare bathing container. Use plastic 20-quart container or full bathtub. Fill with regular tap water and adjust temperature according to preference. Dissolve ¼ Teaspoon Sea Salt into footbath container – Two Tablespoons Sea Salt in full bath. Salt may be adjusted accordingly depending on water quality and quantity - use just a pinch to several tablespoons for larger quantities of water. Follow instructions on Solar Evaporated Sea Salt Crystals provided with unit.

Step 3: Place Cage Water Module into container or full bathtub. Submerge Cage fully underwater. Do not touch Cage Water Module after the power is turned on, during session or while bubbling.

Step 4: Turn Power Switch (1) on. Spa unit will begin to purify bathing water of impurities - allow to purify for a minute if so desired. Position feet or body comfortably into container or full bathtub. Relax & Enjoy! – Let IntelliVOLT® monitor & regulate your session.

Step 5: Time your own length of session. Enjoy bathing for as little as 8 minutes and up to 35 minutes. More is not necessarily better. See  “General Use” for bathing options.

Step 6: When session is over turn off Power Switch (1). Unplug Cage Module RCA cord from line out (2). Rinse Cage water Module, air dry. Every 3-5 uses, spray Cage Module with Lime-Away® or other like product.



The PURE~CHARGE ENERGETIC SPA is an alternative experimental Therapeutic Device. Please consult with your Authorized Representative or Health Practitioner before using this equipment. Please be aware that you accept all risk associated with using the PURE~CHARGE device.  This guide is for general information and educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the FTC or the FDA and is not meant to cure, treat, prevent disease, nor prescribe or to be used for diagnosis. It is important for you to know the FDA in the United States and the Health Protection Branch in Canada has not evaluated treatment protocols for safety and effectiveness. Although, scientific research studies have been done to prove the safety and effectiveness of the units, no certification has been granted. We are currently evaluating research and scientific data companies to perform the validation and certification process. We have collected testimonials, and have acquired independent research from various field technicians but many government regulatory agencies may state that these are misleading and deceptive.

A Qualified Health Practitioner should monitor anyone with:
• A pacemaker or other internal electronic device
• Pregnant women
• A transplanted organ
• Under 4 years old
• Taking prescription medications
• Nerve Damage

Carefully read all instructions included with the device and in the Operator’s Handbook before beginning your bathing sessions:

• Keep the power supply box away from immersion in water, heavy vibration, moisture, dust or heat.
• Always place power supply box on a stable, flat surface.
• Always use the unit in a well-ventilated area.
• Unplug the power cord from the wall and turn off both timer & power switch when not in use.
• DO NOT use around open flame, lit candles or while smoking.
• DO NOT allow children to operate device.
• DO NOT operate Cage Water Module unless immersed in water. Immerse fully in water while in use.
• DO NOT touch Cage Water Module during bathing session.
• DO NOT dangle Cage Water Module by the connection cord.
• DO NOT use Iodized Salt. Use only unprocessed Sea Salt or Kosher salt.




bullet Check wall plug for proper connection and reset
bullet Check if RCA cord for Cage Water Module is securely connected to Line Out jack.
bullet Turn power switch on -indicated by yellow light.
bullet Clean Cage Module and/or add Sea Salt.
bullet If unit does not work after troubleshooting call customer service or your sales representative for assistance


bullet Check power supply connections-is yellow light on?
bullet Check if RCA Cage Module cord is securely connected to Line Out jack.
bullet Add up to 2 tablespoons unprocessed Sea Salt, or Kosher salt to water and dissolve. Do not use iodized salt.
bullet Clean Cage with LimeAway® product & air dry.
bulletIf water module does not bubble after troubleshooting, call customer service or your sales representative for assistance


A limited one-year warranty on repair parts and/or service of power supply control unit, excluding normal wear and tear, misuse or tampering. Accessory parts and water module are covered under warranty if found to be faulty or poorly assembled, excluding normal wear and tear, misuse, dropping, ill-maintenance or tampering. A limited 30 day warranty is in effect on repair, parts and/or service of power supply control unit, excluding normal wear and tear, misuse or tampering, whereby Pure-Charge Technologies pays for shipping in both directions dependent on repair diagnosis. After 30 days the limited warranty is in effect on repair, parts and/or service of power supply control unit, excluding normal wear and tear, misuse or tampering, whereby customer pays for shipping in at least one direction, possibly both directions depending on repair diagnosis. Repair diagnosis is conducted by authorized Pure-Charge Technologies repair technician ONLY and repairs are deemed covered or not covered at the discretion of said technician. "Not covered by warranty" repairs are done at the expense of the customer, who after repair diagnosis will be notified of said repairs, parts & labor charges. Please contact Customer Service for a Repair Order and authorization number.


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