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● Why is your cleansing program more expensive than some of the others?

Blessed Herbs uses only top-grade, medicinal strength, herbal ingredients. Martha Volchok, RH, 25+ years master herbalist, simply won't use poor quality herbs to reduce costs. She knows that would only lower the effectiveness of any cleansing program.

Please be sure to read the "fine print" if you're evaluating the cost of other cleansing programs. What you will most likely find is their "recommended" or "optimal" programs take three months or more to achieve results. Results, quite frankly, that will most likely NOT look like those achieved by a Blessed Herbs Cleanse. Multiply their monthly cost by three and compare to our pricing and we think you will find the cost of the Colon Cleansing Kit™  to be very fairly priced - especially when you take into consideration the difference in quality ingredients.  You will see and feel results.

● I've been doing a lot of research on cleansing, why don't I see your products listed on many of those review sites?

Well, unfortunately you will still find our products listed on some of the review sites. We do our best to have them removed as soon as we find them because most, if not all, of the review sites are fraudulent; biased; paid by the best-rated company; or all of the above. Some of our competitors, either on their own or through affiliates, create these "review" sites as a means to fool potential buyers into buying their products.

Some of these sites are quite convincing in that they'll rate their own product the highest and include the most "glowing" reviews, but will also rate some of their competitors' products to appear as though their "review site" is unbiased. Of course, the competitors' products are rated lower and you'll typically find a few "positive" statements mixed in with an overall negative review.

Unfortunately, the main search engines (Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft) do very little to help you identify or shut down these bogus review sites. Be sure to click any logos or seals to ensure they lead to a website and then check to see if that website owner is listed with a company name and address.

This type of "advertising" goes totally against our belief system and we DO NOT use deception as a way to sell our cleansing products. Please just realize when you're reviewing any "review site" which claims to be independent and unbiased, there is a very good likelihood it is not telling the truth.

● Are there any truly independent reviews?

As you may have just read in the question/answer before this one, independent reviews are hard to come by. We have yet to find any truly independent review sites. What we have found, though, are third party independent recommendations about the quality of herbal products of many companies. We are happy to report that consistently, year after year, prominent authors, well-known practitioners, various books and magazines always recommend Blessed Herbs as a premium herbal resource.

● What about those stars and awards some of your competitors have won?

Again, most of these cleansing "award sites" are just like the review sites - biased. Most are either run by the cleansing companies themselves or their affiliates to deceive you into buying their products. A great way to get an indication of whether a site may be biased or not is to look up the owner of the website.

● Do I have to be in the bathroom all the time?

While you will be going to the bathroom more often, you will not experience it as an overwhelming, uncontrollable or urgent need. The Digestive Stimulator™ has been formulated to act very gently, but surely, with your body. You will find it quick, easy, and comfortable to have three or more bowel movements a day.

● When will I start to see mucoid plaque?

If you've selected to use the Colon Cleansing Kit™ with the "BEST option," the majority of users generally report seeing mucoid plaque on the second to third day. This is because the intestines take time to empty of solid food and begin the cleansing process.

● How will I feel during the cleanse?

Each person feels differently as they cleanse. Some feel very energetic and more alive while cleansing; others not until after they have completed their cleanse. It is also possible to alternate between feeling great and not so great.

There may be occasional discomforts called cleansing reactions, which are a sign that your body is releasing toxins. If the body is ready, some may even experience a deep cleansing reaction. This can happen during the cleanse, but more likely will occur sometime later when you have built up your strength. All these experiences are the body's wisdom at work focusing on the areas that need to reach optimal health. Any discomforts of cleansing are only temporary, and always lead to more energy, vitality, and renewed health.*

● What is a superficial cleansing reaction?

Whenever the body releases toxins or balances the unwanted guests population faster than it can eliminate them, and/or the liver is functioning weakly, you may experience some discomfort until you regain your balance.

This usually lasts anywhere from an hour to one or two days. The common signs that signal a superficial cleansing reaction might be any of the following: headache, itching, rashes, aching muscles and/or joints, fever, sweating, body odor, bad breath, mouth sores, appetite loss, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sleeplessness, tiredness or exhaustion. Don't worry. The superficial cleansing reaction usually passes quickly and does not harm your body. It is only a sign that soon you will be feeling better than ever.*

● What is a deep cleansing reaction?

A deep cleansing reaction is more than just a superficial cleansing reaction. Most of us have absorbed toxins from our polluted environments, but not all of us have suffered with trauma or health problems. A superficial cleansing reaction shows itself in generalized body signs while releasing toxins. A deep cleansing reaction shows itself in the reappearance of old signs associated within specific areas that have undergone injury or health problems. You may experience the superficial cleansing reaction signs while undergoing this work. The body's wisdom is such that as you clean out and regain energy, the body directs that energy to heal these old injuries or health problems. The body only does this when it knows it can handle it. Once again, the signs may be mild to severe, but only as much as your body can sustain at that time. it can last for a few hours, to a few days, and more rarely, for a few weeks.

The deep cleansing reaction mimics the signs of your particular past experiences, but in a much shortened version. It is always preceded the day before by feeling "on top of the world" rather than by feeling "out of sorts".

The deep cleansing reaction passes quickly. You will come out of the deep cleansing reaction feeling better than ever, having successfully rejuvenated the weakened areas of your body.

● Can I exercise while doing the Colon Cleansing Kit™?

If you are feeling good and strong, then exercise, but keep to an easy routine. Don't do strenuous exercise if you choose to do the liquids-only diet used for the "BEST option" of the Colon Cleansing Kit™. For example, walk - don't run, stretch, and don't do heavy lifting.

● What is a liquids-only diet?

A liquids-only diet is not taking any solid foods or solid foods that have been liquefied, pureed, or blended. The liquids should be clear of any solid particles. This will allow the Toxin Absorber™ that is mixed with apple juice to bind easily to the surface of your intestines without the interference of any solid food covering the intestinal surface.

The recommended liquids are: pure water, strained herbal tea, strained organic apple juice and strained organic vegetable broth (recipe is included with the Users Guide).

● Will I be hungry all the time?

Taking Toxin Absorber™ five times a day will greatly reduce hunger pains. Also, you can have an organic vegetable soup broth or more apple juice if you need a little extra energy. Most people report they do not feel hungry during the cleanse.

● If I eat during the Colon Cleansing Kit™, will I still get results?

In order to see stunning results we recommend you select the "BEST option" for the Colon Cleansing Kit™. Nearly 90% of our customers choose to use the "BEST option" when using our Colon Cleansing Kit™.

If you choose to eat during the cleanse, you will still clean and eliminate toxins throughout your intestinal system; establish regularity; rejuvenate your digestion; and remove smaller bits of waste buildup.

● How often should I do the Colon Cleansing Kit™?

This is best answered by listening to your body. Ultimately you are the best judge of your needs and if you intuitively feel now is the time for you to cleanse, then do so. That said, there are general minimum and maximum guidelines. What determines how often you cleanse is the state of your health and whether you have ever done any cleansing before. Those who are not in the best of health and/or have never cleansed before, will find they need to cleanse more frequently for the first 2 - 3 years and then return to a yearly or twice yearly maintenance program of cleansing. Minimum - once a year or once every Spring and Fall. Maximum - once every 2 - 3 months, followed by alternating periods of a rebuilding diet/program.

¨This website in its entirety is for general information and educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the FTC nor the FDA and is not meant to cure, treat, prevent disease, nor prescribe or to be used for diagnosis. It is important for you to know that not all of  these technologies and treatment protocols have  been evaluated by the FDA in the U.S. or the Health Protection Branch in Canada for safety and effectiveness.





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