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General Use Guidelines

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For the treatment to work best it is crucial to have proper body hydration. Drink plenty of water before and after a session and generally increase your daily intake of water. You will probably find a need to increase your salt intake also. If your body is not hydrated, then you won't have the proper water balance in your body.

Because things are mostly made of water, the ability to interact with it is very high. When you immerse a body mass into water, the frequency is instantly added to the water as a "memory". This is because the bio-charge, when induced, copies the frequencies already in the water, so only 1 body mass can interact with the unit at any 1 time. It is necessary to change the water each time the unit is used, (especially if another body mass is going to utilize the unit,) as the signature pattern stays in the water for some time after. Charging a body mass with energy containing another's signature should not be done.

The PURE~CHARGE ENERGETIC SPA will benefit anything water based, so don’t throw the water away when you are finished, give it to your indoor potted plants or the plants in your garden and watch just how much they will love it too. Giving your plants your used bath water is like giving them a special treat because plants are carnivores, that is they love meat, which is why they will grow so well when fertilized with animal products such as blood and bone. The water will become enhanced with lots of your protein frequencies and that's what plants love, animal proteins. So help your plants to look after their health as well and treat them to some of your used footbath water.

Using your PURE~CHARGE Spa for the first few times can cause a number of effects that you may feel and observe during and briefly after, getting out of the bath. These effects vary between individuals and may appear at any point during the bath.

The following is a list of recorded sensations reported by various individuals:

• Tingling or tightening sensations throughout affected parts of the body.
• Tingling in scratches, cuts and abrasions. Redness or temporary rash in affected areas
• Slight pain where the body is unhealthy.
• A shortness of breath.
• Light-headedness or dizziness.

There are a number of conditions that must be observed when using the Spa unit:

1. Use only water in your bath. (Do not use any additives. E.g. soaps, detergents, processed salts, oils, etc)
2. Do not have more than one person in the bath at any one time. Bathe only by yourself. Do not touch anyone while bathing.
3. Always drain the bath water and use clean fresh water before anyone else uses the device. No two persons should use the same water.
4. Always observe recommended bathing times and frequency settings.
5. Do not drink the bath water. Although, clean water may be bio-charged separately for drinking water.
6. It is preferable that you remove your watch, and don't smoke during bath..
7. Use only in a room with proper ventilation.

Foot Bath, Hand Bath or Full Bath?
A treatment session can be taken using any container large enough to fit your feet, a hand, and an elbow or full body. Container bathing is very suitable for the elderly who may not be able to get into a large bath. You will receive just as many benefits from a footbath or hand bath that you receive from a full bath. You can take a hand bath by placing your hands in the water instead of your feet. For injuries to wrists and ankles for example you only need a container large enough for the water, the Cage Water Module and the affected limb. The most important thing about using the Energetic Spa unit is that no matter what part of your body is in the water, the charge will still affect your whole body. A common 20-quart plastic container is suitable to use.

For normal operation, place Cage water module standing upright with cage rods vertical. For greater effervescing power place Cage water module on its side with the cage rods horizontal. Be sure Cage is completely submerged before operating. Rinse with warm water and air-dry the Cage water module after use. Every 3-5 uses spay Cage Module with Lime-Away®.

Recommended Bathing Times
It is recommended that you choose at least 17 minutes  or up to 1/2 hour. Any time in between adequate for most individuals, however it will vary from person to person. Only 8 minutes may be enough for some people. If during the timed period you feel you should get out, do so. The recommended bathing time is based on one complete cycle, which is 17 minutes. If you desire two complete cycles of 17 minutes, choose the 1/2 hour session. The unit should be used every second day (and only every second day) for a period of 14 complete sessions with a 40-minute maximum per session. Take a break from the unit for 21 days. After that you may use the unit only as often as you feel necessary, but never more than every second day. If desired, begin another cycle of 14 sessions.

• Frequency Recommendations

The perfect voltage is monitored internally and all frequency is set automatically and self-regulated by "IntelliVOLT" technology.  Alleviating the need for confusing frequency adjustments & displays.

Treating Injuries or Pets
Treating injuries such as sprains, stings & bites, inflammations, cuts, open or exposed wounds, bruises and burns can be done in some cases without full body bathing and is more desirable than using full body immersion in a bathtub. A healing compress is ideal for these type injuries as well as treating pets.

How to
make a PURE~CHARGE compress
For compress water - charge at least 17 minutes. Once charged, filter the water through a paper coffee filter to remove any sediment from the water. Then soak the compress or bandages in the water for 10 minutes before applying to the patient. The compress needs to be changed at least 3-4 times per day. The water used for soaking the compress need only be charged the one time, but a new batch should be used each day. The compress material, if disposable, should be thrown away but if you are using cotton or some type of cloth, then it should be washed, cleaned and dried before re-soaking it in the treated water and applying it to the patient.

Charged Drinking Water
The PURE~CHARGE unit can be used to treat drinking water or for tincture water. In fact treating drinking water is beneficial for optimum health. Enhancing the electric field of the water and then drinking it will have a beneficial effect internally. By drinking the charged water you are putting energy directly into the internal system via a colloidal method. You should not drink more than 1 ounce of charged water per day, preferably once per day in the morning or evening depending on preference. In some cases, just a few drops can be plenty. This is an ideal method for treating Pets – a few drops of charged drinking water in your pet’s regular water dish will benefit their health greatly and without needing to figure out how to bath them in a container.

For normal operation, place Cage water module standing upright with cage rods vertical. For greater effervescing power place Cage water module on its side with the cage rods horizontal. Be sure Cage is completely submerged before operating. Rinse with warm water and air-dry the Cage water module after use.  Clean with "lime-away" every 5 uses.

• How to make Drinking Water
Charging water to drink is very easy. Making charged water for drinking is different from making charged water for a compress. All you need is a container large enough to fit the QuanTech Cage Water Module and a gallon of water. A paper coffee filter is suitable to cleanse the water of any sediment. If you have a glass container you should use it for best results. Place one gallon of water into your container with the Cage Module. Turn the unit on and charge for 8 minutes. Once charged, filter the water through a paper coffee filter to remove any sediment from the water. When the charged water has been filtered it can be stored in a glass bottle in the fridge for up to 3 days before the water losses its charge.




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