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We know that certain types of mineral water have undeniable therapeutic effects. Many researchers have tried to duplicate the properties of these natural waters by adding minerals to distilled water in an attempt to replicate natural hot springs and mineral water. Successfully replicating the therapeutic properties has proven more difficult than anticipated. Something is always missing...the "Chi", bio-energy, bioelectricity, effervescence, or life force is difficult to duplicate with man-made processing additives.

Chi energy or life force circulates freely through a healthy human body, but becomes blocked in an unhealthy body by stress, causing illness and blockages in the meridians and Chakras (body energy centers). According to Chinese practitioners, the fundamental energy of Chi is said to flow through 12 meridians or pathways in the body, each associated with an internal organ and a functional body system. This means the internal condition of the body can influence the outer areas and actions and the outer areas can affect the regulation of the inside organs. These effects can be both beneficial and detrimental.

Chi has a similar energy form as water and has to follow the same universal laws, as does any other form of energy. For the flow of Chi from one living thing to another, a set of conditions applies between the giver and receiver of the energy. General health of both giver and receiver determines the exchange of energy. The sick cannot heal the sick. As an example of the reciprocal nature of energy we can look at batteries. If two batteries were connected together so that the energy could flow between them; the universal law and principles say that the energy will flow from the battery with the most energy, to the battery with the least energy, until both batteries have the same balanced energy. However, if one of the batteries is damaged, the flow to that battery will be limited. This is similar to the bodies healing process. If your body was damaged, it may not accept energy easily. Everyone's potential healing energy or life force Chi level is different.

There is no longer any doubt that when the Chi or energy of the body becomes low, the body becomes unhealthy. This applies throughout the whole body, right down to a cellular level. Medical researchers have found that when the energy level of a cell falls too low it becomes unhealthy and can even become cancerous or diseased. In essence, the Chi level in the "dis-eased" part of the body becomes unbalanced and would need energy restoration. The logical conclusion is that we ourselves need to use water and energy, as a "detoxifying recharge" to survive the rigors of everyday toxemia.

Water holds the key to creating optimum body energy and combines the scientific principles behind the cleansing processes of a therapeutic hot spring, the healing energy force of water with the natural "Chi" energy of the body.


Bioelectricity, Your Body and BioCera Wellness

Although the mystery of life force Chi has eluded Western Medicine & Science for centuries, advancements in technology and a greater understanding of alternative medical philosophies from the East, have allowed us to develop instruments capable of measuring and monitoring very small amounts of electricity or energy.

The body is a big reservoir of fluids, primarily water, which can be charged and discharged just like a battery. The body is also a storehouse of bioelectricity. The water in the body contains bioelectricity and should also be considered alive. All of the bodies systems are dependent on the bio-energy flowing through them. Our state of health depends on how our systems are functioning.

Low energy = poor health Balanced energy = good health

Bioelectricity is present in all living things and can be measured. The electrical effects originating in the active cells of the heart and brain are commonly monitored and analyzed. The measurement of life force, Chi or bioelectricity has evolved over the years based on a variety of techniques. Dozens of devices, machines and instruments have appeared on the market using either direct electrical measurement or some form of measurement of magnetic fields which are the signature of bioelectrical activity. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) diagnoses the body's energy. This imaging system looks at the tiny magnetic fields that are produced by the presence of electrical activity.

Other types of technology available to the practitioner measure voltages on the skin in different locations on the body, which are used for the purpose of diagnosis. It is not really necessary to have all this expensive equipment to observe the energy in a living thing. Using a simple multi-meter, capable of measuring milli-volts, will assist in understanding the principle of bioelectricity and health. Used on a leaf picked from a tree, measurements of life, low energy and death are registered.

We can now start to understand how the energy in our bodies interacts with water and how energy levels represent levels of health or disease. If a droplet of water contained a lot of electricity or had a high electrical charge, it could be considered "ionized" or charged. The reverse is also true, for a lack of measured energy in the water droplet would show it to be depleted or lacking energy. This difference between the states of the droplet can be viewed as positive and negative. The droplet with the high-energy charge would be called a negative ion, and the droplet that lacked energy would be called a positive ion. If the droplet was in a balanced state, and there was no energy measurement either way, it would not be considered an ion. The energetic session will produce an ionic solution of 1:2 positive/negative ions.


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